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Nokia 106 - Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone
Nokia 106 - Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone $29.99 - $29.99 4.00 Stars
1 Review

BlackBerry Q10 - 16GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone
BlackBerry Q10 - 16GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone $239.99 - $239.99 5.00 Stars
1 Review
From the vibrant, 3.1-inch OLED display, to the ergonomically sculpted keyboard and durable, lightweight materials - every detail has been meticulously designed for premium performance. The classic BlackBerry keyboard has been re-engineered for the most effortless typing experience. Images appear in stunning detail on the 3.1-inch OLED display, and features and apps work seamlessly together, allowing your every move to flow into the next. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is built to keep you moving.
Nokia Lumia 920 US 4G LTE Smartphone (Unlocked) Red - 32GB
Nokia Lumia 920 US 4G LTE Smartphone (Unlocked) Red - 32GB $279.99 - $279.99 4.72 Stars
18 Reviews
This Nokia cell phone has all of the features that a businessperson needs to keep in touch. This Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone features a high-resolution touchscreen LCD display, an Internet browser, email, and GPS. This smartphone also features an 8.7 MP digital camera for taking clear and crisp still photos and videos. Bluetooth ready, this Nokia cell phone also comes with a battery that allows the user several hours of talktime between charges. In addition, this smartphone is powered by the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system, making it fast and highly responsive. The Nokia Lumia 920 is unlocked and ready to be set up with any wireless provider and supports 4G applications. The Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with Nokia City Lens software, which allows the user to explore all a city has to offer by looking at the full color display of the phone.
Nokia Lumia 920 - 32GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone
Nokia Lumia 920 - 32GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone $299.99 - $299.99 4.40 Stars
10 Reviews
The white Nokia Lumia 920 cell phone features the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system. This Nokia Lumia offers a 10.92-cm (4.3-inch) TFT LCD touchscreen for user convenience. In addition, this smartphone includes two cameras, an 8.0 MP rear and a 1.3 MP front, allowing both still images and video. This smartphone also provides a large storage capacity of 32 GB to hold plenty of images. This Nokia Lumia unlocked device features a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. In addition, this phone offers Bluetooth connectivity, GPS capability, email access, and Internet browsing, as well as a speakerphone for handsfree operation. The Nokia Lumia 920 cell phone contains a Li-ion battery with a 400-hour standby time and a 17-hour talktime. It also features an MP3 player, Sat Nav technology, quad-band, Wi-Fi, and FM radio. The Nokia Lumia measures 13.03 cm high by 7.08 cm wide by 1.07 cm deep (5.13 inches by 2.78 inches by 0.42 inches) and weighs 0.19 kg (6.52 oz).
BLU Studio 6.0 HD D650a (Latest Model) - 4GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone
BLU Studio 6.0 HD D650a (Latest Model) - 4GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone $159.99 - $279.99 5.00 Stars
1 Review
The Studio 6.0 has a Ample 6' High Definition display with 720x1280 pixels of resolution makes it easier to see the smallest details and provides the necessary space to get things done smoothly. IPS BLU Infinite View Display technology lets you view images on the screen from any viewing angle without missing color intensity and clarity. OGS BLU Nex Lens Touch Panel technology will let you enjoy clearer and sharper images. Powered with an incredible 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and an ARM MALI 400 GPU for faster messaging, gaming, imaging, uploading and sharing. You will get an awsome smartphone experience!
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Healthy Used Cell Phones For Sale
If you are looking for some healthy but used cell phones then you can try it because it's not difficult to find online resources for shopping of such mobile phones. Online shopping of used cell phones was impossible because the companies and dealers don't purchase the used cellular phone that has no guarantee about its working. The major factor involved there is the availability of unlocked cell phone which has money back guarantee from the manufacturers. To overcome this problem many businesses were started but most of them failed due to lack of interest and trust of the customers on used cell phones.

Basics About the Subscriber Identification Number
The SIM card, otherwise known as a the Subscriber Identification Module, is offered by different mobile networks The subscriber identification module card is not permanently incorporated in a phone or computer

Which Communication Tool Helps Make Globalization Easy
An International Sim card is one of the major communication tools that are making globalization easy Using this Sim card, one can maintain their communication as if they were still in their home countries, using their home networks

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