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February 10, 2010

Having Trouble with Google Nexus One Technical Support?

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Bits: Google Offers Phone Help for Nexus One Owners
Published: February 9, 2010
After mounting complaints about the lack of customer support for the Nexus One, Google is offering a phone hot line.

Read More at the New York Times online.

People Wanting Less Traditional Landline Telephone Service

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While still a giant in the state with more than 5,000 employees, AT&T said that it has lost more than 50% of its phone lines between 2000 and 2008. The company said it now has fewer than 675,000 traditional phone lines in Wisconsin.

Read more of the article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

IPhone Slingplayer is now approved for AT&T 3G Data Network

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By Jessica Mintz, Associated Press
SEATTLE — AT&T said Thursday it will now allow Sling Media’s television-viewing program for the iPhone to operate over its “3G” high-speed mobile network.
The reversal comes as the Federal Communications Commission is drafting rules to keep broadband providers — including wireless companies — from favoring or discriminating against Internet traffic flowing over their networks.


FCC Chairman says Smart Phones are Bandwidth Hogs

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Your Cell Phone Company’s Dirty Little Secret

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NEW YORK ( — Mobile phone companies have been lauded for slashing the cost of unlimited voice plans, but many wireless customers’ monthly bills are actually going to get a bit more expensive.

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February 6, 2010

Roundup of Global Sim Cards

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There are many web sites where you can find information about international sim cards, but I have yet to see a site where all are compared.  Mostly, the sites like to promote a particular card (who sponsors them?)

These are the cards that I have found, in no particular order.  I will add to this post as I find more.

I will try to take the time to produce a comparison table with whatever information I can find.  In the mean time, I will continue adding to the list as I find more.  If you have any ideas, please send them to me. [contact-form]

February 5, 2010

New Zealand Sim Cards

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As I mentioned before, our plan is to vacation in New Zealand, which happens to be my favorite country to visit in the world.  If you’ve been there, you know why.


Review of T-Mobile Prepaid Service

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T-Mobile Cards at Walmart

T-Mobile Cards at Walmart

Here is our review of T-Mobile Prepaid Service.  T-Mobile is the fourth largest cell phone operator in the U.S., and is owned by Deutsche Telekom, the German national telephone company They operate all over the country, on GSM bands 850 and 1900.  Skimming their website, at , as of the date of this post, the pre-paid kit consisting of a sim card, support documentation, and $3.34 usage credit, cost $6.99.  There are several prepaid handsets, ranging from about $20 to about $50.  All are dual band 850/1900 except for the $50 Samsung t349 which adds the 1800 band, to make it a triband.


Using your GSM phone in Other Countries

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Okay, so by now, you know that you need an unlocked quad band GSM phone for world-wide travel.  The question now is, what about the sim card.  What kind do I need?


Why Quad Band phones are better for traveling

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There are four bands on which GSM phones operate, 850, 900, 1800 and 1900.  The 850/1900 bands are mostly used in the Americas, while the 900/1800 bands are predominantly used everywhere else.  Phones are manufactured with 2, 3, or all four of these bands, and it is important that the phone you use matches the bands of the system in the country you are in.  Since quad band phones operate on all of them, and don’t cost much more than the others, they make the best purchase for a traveler.  Also, it is important to make sure that the handset is unlocked for travel.


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